Jaleel, I haven’t seen you in years but we were friends throughout all of middle school. I definitely did not expect something so horrible could happen. RIP.

“Drugs become addictive the day you decide to use it to fill the gaps in your heart instead of using it for short entertainment.”


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Photos from last week, Thanks Brandon Tang

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"Hey man, I saw your tumblr post… is everything alright?" Haven’t had someone say that in a long time. Sorry ADD. Appreciate the concern though, genuinely, not tryna be a dick although I usually am.

Sharky… Kinda cool I met you on tumblr n now we ride or die niggas. Thanks to Becca and her weird introduction via starbucks. Who else uses tumblr that I know. Oh Stefan is on it too. Sup. And anyone else I barely talk to anyway or you just don’t come to mind.

Anyway. I could post what’s on my mind right? Or I could just be like fuck it.